Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blessings in Disguise

As you've all figured out, I'm not very good at this whole blogging thing. I enjoy reading other peoples blogs and staying updated on their families though. So, I've decided to try and be better at updating everyone on our lives (assuming anyone out their in cyberspace is even remotely interested in reading about our {dull} lives).

This has definitely not been our best year, but it's also been great in so many ways. But I will be SO glad once it's finally over! Nate is busy working like crazy with all of his {mostly} successful entrepreneurial endeavors. He stays super busy and {as far as I know} loves what he does. I am baby sitting two cute kids in our home. I was a nanny for two of the cutest girls ever for about a year, but unfortunately that job ended in October. I was super sad that I wasn't going to get to see them everyday because I am really close to them. But I've had fun with these two new kids. They definitely keep me busy!

Nate and I are currently living in Bountiful in a great apartment. We have been here for a little over a year and absolutely love it (although we sure would love some more space-and maybe even a yard!). We have recently been looking to move into a {rental} home though as our needs are changing (no, we're not having a baby, lol). We are planning on staying close by though because we love this area.

We have fallen in love with our ward and for the first time since we've been married, feel like we've found where we belong. Last January we were called to be Sunbeam teachers! I was a bit hesitant at first considering I was a full time nanny for girls close to that same age group. I wasn't so sure about filling up my weekend (which was supposed to be my kid-free time) with more kids. However, I knew that the Lord wanted me to have this calling for a reason, so I gratefully accepted.

It has been a blessing to us in so many ways. I have always loved kids and enjoyed being around them. But I think over the last year I've learned a lot from those cute 3 year olds. I've learned that while kids all have their own unique personalities, I love and appreciate each one! Each child brings their own set of challenges and laughs to the table. I've learned how to work better as a team with my husband. I've learned that I can lean on him when I just don't have the strength to do what I'm supposed to. This has been a very mentally and emotionally exhausting year for me and there were so many weeks I just didn't feel up to the 2 hour challenge ahead of me. I am ashamed to say that on at least one occasion I chose to take the easy way out and stay home in my bed. When Nate came home from church one week he gave me a {get well} card that the kids made for me. I couldn't help but shed a few tears in shame but also in gratitude as I realized the love that those sweet kids have for me. I never realized how much they would count on me to be there for them.

I have been having a hard time the last couple of weeks as I realized my time with them was running out quickly. One of our sweet little girls {who can always be found attached to my side} was telling me how sad she is that she has to have a new teacher. I tried to reassure her that she was going to have so much fun in her new class {I think I was trying to convince myself more than her}. I think that the transition will be hard for some of them, but I know that they will all be ok, and so will I. I am excited to meet the cute new class that will be moving up from the nursery. I can't wait to see all the things that this new group will be able to teach me! I definitely believe that this calling has been a blessing in disguise. If I had to do this last year over again I definitely would. I honestly believe that God knows exactly what He's doing and that we just need to trust in His plan.


Natasha said...

Please keep posting! I love reading blogs but I REALLY love reading blogs about people I care about. Hope that this next year is better for you! Really looking forward to craft night in January!

The Moffett's said...

Thanks Tashi! I am going to try a lot harder to do better :-) Craft night will be SO fun! Can't wait to see you!!